Digital Flophouse

About Evan Kaufman


Evan is a software developer, hailing from the great state of Texas. Originally from El Paso, he now calls Houston home. He also calls the Houston weather all sorts of things that shouldn't be repeated in print.

In his burgeoning IT career, he has already played many roles including desktop support, system administrator, network engineer, and carrier of extremely heavy equipment.

Evan can be contacted here, and more information can be found in his résumé.

About Digital Flophouse

This website serves as a common home for all of Evan's otherwise homeless pet projects. These may include a multitude of digital media, though most revolve around his chosen profession of software development.

The site also serves as his online digital portfolio, showcasing his résumé and current and past works. It even includes the obligatory seldom updated personal blog!

Behind The Site

This site is comprised almost entirely of open source technologies, as detailed below.

  • Running under an Ubuntu Linux operating system
  • Served from an Apache webserver
  • Architected and powered on the server side with the Zend Framework
  • Powered on the client side with JQuery
  • Dynamic comment system powered by Disqus